7.2 - The Feathers Hotel

Chicken parmi from The Feathers Hotel
Brady Stroud

Brady Stroud

May 19, 2024

First South Aus parmi

Review might be a bit bias, I was starving (food took 1hr) so anything would've tasted good.

Love heart shaped parmi - I think the chef is trying to tell me something... the chicken was small but thick so was pretty filling.

Orange in the salad - definitely the move, went down well.

Chips good.

Lidia had the GF version - it tasted the same to me.

I showed ChatGPT the photo to get its thoughts

🤖 ChatGPTs review:

Look at this beaut! 🍻

  1. Chook Parmi: The chicken parmi looks tops, aye. Nice and crispy with a decent layer of cheese, though it could use a bit more sauce. Can't go wrong with this classic.
  2. Chips: Those chips are on point. A good serve of golden fries, not too soggy, not too crispy. Perfect for dunking in sauce.
  3. Salad: What’s with the fancy salad? Got some mandarins in there? Yea nah, we don’t need that posh stuff. A simple garden salad with some ranch would do just fine.
  4. Gravy: The gravy looks spot on. Nice and thick, ready to smother those chips and the parmi.

Price: Now, $35 for a parmi? Crikey, that’s a bit steep! Mate, for $35, you'd expect it to come with a schooner of your favourite beer and maybe a dessert. This looks like a decent feed, but at that price, it’s pushing it. Might be worth it if the pub’s got a good atmosphere and you’re with your mates. Otherwise, you could probably find a similar feed for cheaper at another joint.

Overall, it’s a ripper feed, but the price is a bit hard to swallow. Cheers! 🍺