📖 About

I appreciate a good chicken parmi, and ParmiPicks is my way of sharing my experiences with others. There was a restaurant near where I grew up that had a memorable parmi with quality chicken, a good amount of sauce, and diced bacon instead of ham. The generous portion size and tasty sides made it stand out.

⚖️ The Rating System

I rate each parmi on a scale of 0 to 10, allowing for one decimal point (e.g., 4.5). Here's what goes into each rating:

  • 🍛 The whole package: Everything on the plate counts, from the chicken and toppings to the chips and salad.
  • 🌟 Focus on the parmi: Nothing off the plate matters. Even if I have a bad experience at the restaurant, it won't affect the rating. The parmi is the star of the show.

🎯 I believe this rating system is fair and reasonable because it focuses solely on the quality and taste of the chicken parmi and its accompanying sides. By not allowing external factors to influence the rating, I can provide a more objective assessment of each parmi.

📣 That being said, I appreciate any feedback or suggestions for improving the rating system.

🍽️ Feel free to browse my reviews and discover various chicken parmis from different places. Enjoy!